Hao Guang Tse

W/ the aim of poisoning the pure minds of the youth

John says history sur
prises us less                than

us our                        selves well
sunflowers shock me most


most or best infact
here esp          ecially so
since the war

against sentiment gave me
my glass back                             that
bag of beaten gold
in time would be

found filled & so

     leader     o please tell


that long title that

that little looking lens
trailing John’s lower lip
why           the clasp               shuts

on help & on


spilt sun or rather
pray why are the

Zen masters murderous? I’m

     asking for a friend



Hao Guang Tse 谢皓光 is a Singaporean poet and the author of hyperlinkage (2013) and Deeds of Light (2015); the latter was shortlisted for the 2016 Singapore Literature Prize. He co-edits the literary journal OF ZOOS, is the consulting editor of poetry.sg, and co-edited UnFree Verse, an anthology of Singaporean poetry in received and nonce forms.