Minarets Issue 10 cover art by Toyah Webb
Issue 10 / Spring 2019
essa may ranapiri, Elizabeth Welsh, Erik Kennedy (US/NZ), Aimee-Jane Anderson-O'Connor, Joan Fleming, Travis Tate (US), Jackson Nieuwland, Eliana Gray, Rachel O'Neill, Toyah Webb, Sarah Jane Barnett
Issue 9 / Spring 2012
Issue 9 / Spring 2018
Special "exquisite corpse" issue featuring 4 collaborative poetry experiments by 28 new & acclaimed writers from New Zealand & across the world.
Minarets Issue 8 cover art by Harry Moritz
Issue 8 / Autumn 2018
Victor Billot, Freya Daly Sadgrove, Lee Thomson, Zack Anderson (US), Murray Edmond, Courtney Sina Meredith, Manon Revuelta, Naomi Scully (US), Harry Moritz, Erena Shingade
Apocrypha: émigré – Genève ChaoJane Joritz-Nakagawa
I don't like émigré simply because I agree with the book's sociopolitical underpinnings (although I do), but because it's beautiful and well-crafted.
Photo credit Dmitry Ryzhkov
Apocrypha: AUP New Poets 5Anuja Mitra
I’d heard of Carolyn DeCarlo, Sophie van Waardenberg and Rebecca Hawkes in publications like Starling, Landfall and Sweet Mammalian; AUP New Poets 5 gives them centre-stage.
Ꮴolt Phonic ℗
ANNEXE: H.D. Imagiste watches the birth of the new woman on tvEllen Morgan Butler
This is my ambered sarcasm. / This is my garden’s rough / cut blossom my / bitter jewel with veins of pearl / and the hard-edge glow of the / indigestible.
Apocrypha: Listening In – Lynley EdmeadesEliana Gray
I sat with this book for a very long time. Dipped in and out, from all points, like a capybara in an onsen.