Minarets Issue 10 cover art by Toyah Webb
Issue 10 / Spring 2019
essa may ranapiri, Elizabeth Welsh, Erik Kennedy (US/NZ), Aimee-Jane Anderson-O'Connor, Joan Fleming, Travis Tate (US), Jackson Nieuwland, Eliana Gray, Rachel O'Neill, Toyah Webb, Sarah Jane Barnett
Issue 9 / Spring 2012
Issue 9 / Spring 2018
Special "exquisite corpse" issue featuring 4 collaborative poetry experiments by 28 new & acclaimed writers from New Zealand & across the world.
Minarets Issue 8 cover art by Harry Moritz
Issue 8 / Autumn 2018
Victor Billot, Freya Daly Sadgrove, Lee Thomson, Zack Anderson (US), Murray Edmond, Courtney Sina Meredith, Manon Revuelta, Naomi Scully (US), Harry Moritz, Erena Shingade
ANNEXE: 600.1202: An OperaToyah Webb
They say that one day, powerful star-gazers will be able to detect American tidal waves from the centre of Germany...
ANNEXE: Biennale 37,000Toyah Webb
They build a cardboard shell to become larger, and paint a white stripe down the centre of the face.
Polished concrete texture
ANNEXE: 3 by PriscoMark Prisco
watch me disappear. live / & never let but i’m / fine. for it’s not / a thing of bitterness / but love / demolished, set against itself, / not a thing to stir
Palimpsest of construction of Kapiti Expressway and the Dunedin Railway Station
Apocrypha: Peat – Lynn JennerK. Day
My notes for the remainder of this response continue for several pages. A loose-leaf file of notes and photographs is, it turns out, far harder to summarise than a traditional story.