Issue 12 / 2021

Special issue with contemporary Singaporean poetry edited by Greg Kan and Hao Guang Tse featuring Hana Pera Aoake, essa may ranapiri, Emma Barnes, Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle, Chris Tse, Frances Libeau, Ana Iti, Jackson Nieuwland, Yeow Kai Chai, Jack Xi, Hamid Roslan, Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Andrew Kirkrose Devadason, Anna Onni, Ruth Tang.

Book cover for Minarets Issue #11 / 2020

Issue 11 / 2020

Special issue with contemporary Australian poetry edited by Pam Brown featuring Brett Cross, Ellen Morgan Butler, Lisa Samuels, Murray Edmond, essa may ranapiri, Ruby Solly, Amy Leigh Wicks, Vanessa Mei Crofskey, Dave Drayton, Jake Goetz, Pascalle Burton, Michael Farrell, Judy Annear, Louis Klee, Claire Albrecht, Louis Armand, Toby Fitch, aj carruthers, Emily Stewart.

Minarets Issue 10 cover art by Toyah Webb

Issue 10 / 2019

Edited by Sarah Jane Barnett featuring essa may ranapiri, Elizabeth Welsh, Erik Kennedy (US/NZ), Aimee-Jane Anderson-O’Connor, Joan Fleming, Travis Tate (US), Jackson Nieuwland, Eliana Gray, Rachel O’Neill, Toyah Webb.

expansive online poems

On trial period at a supermarket. Fired for stealing Singaporean Kit Kats. On my way out, I wanted to buy a plastic bathmat, but then saw a woman giving an in-aisle demonstration and explaining its use as a contraceptive…

I numbered the pages to remind me of my place. I was afraid of joining the ranks of distracted lovers from whom nothing is safe: …

vital book responses

the writer does not write / the words that are there / or the words that are not …

Tumbling through the cunt of Elizabeth I, kissing boys and kissing girls, I lock myself inside my house with 365 rooms and fifty-two staircases …