Minarets Issue 10 cover art by Toyah Webb
Issue 10 / Spring 2019
essa may ranapiri, Elizabeth Welsh, Erik Kennedy (US/NZ), Aimee-Jane Anderson-O'Connor, Joan Fleming, Travis Tate (US), Jackson Nieuwland, Eliana Gray, Rachel O'Neill, Toyah Webb, Sarah Jane Barnett
Issue 9 / Spring 2012
Issue 9 / Spring 2018
Special "exquisite corpse" issue featuring 4 collaborative poetry experiments by 28 new & acclaimed writers from New Zealand & across the world.
Minarets Issue 8 cover art by Harry Moritz
Issue 8 / Autumn 2018
Victor Billot, Freya Daly Sadgrove, Lee Thomson, Zack Anderson (US), Murray Edmond, Courtney Sina Meredith, Manon Revuelta, Naomi Scully (US), Harry Moritz, Erena Shingade
Sea foam on the shore with neurons in the sky
ANNEXE: (pressure’s on)Pam Brown
echo diagnostic text (pressure’s on) six mini double sonnets memory seafoama big surpriselose balancerug burnmirror crashcar engine runsaircon onsoft pat cheeksemit fuel pricedouble clickto hide white spacepandorea pandoranacaterpillar poolooks likepepper cornsbreezes neglectarrivalbreasts sweatbrain dullscrab spannershitch a socketcast a rampartheaven’s footpathpaved rare earthout of sortsfamously venal& gay       likecorona & lemon   memory seafoambest for mettlebring your devicepressure’s onunder what influencesamuel taylor coleridgeunremarkable couplettypical hypertextxanadu pleasure domeneat piles of booksa certain naivetywhat do starssmell likeplaying it coolbus to beachantenna birdsdart & flitlet’s forgettremendous paintake your timebizarre love trianglelookingis not vanishinga privileged lifesaving daylighta hank of beadsczech cut glassshiny facets   memory seafoamso much"ANNEXE:
A painting of two girls in nostalgic frocks lying on the grass looking bored
Apocrypha: There’s No Place Like the Internet in SpringtimeEmma Natasha Miles
...it is curiously simple, in many ways, it doesn’t hurt, not in the usual way; perhaps I am jaded, perhaps I am accustomed to being flayed to pieces.
Satellite image of former Manus Island detention centre
ANNEXE: Manus IslandEvangeline Riddiford Graham
I would say we are in a museum wing, / or some kind of movie-fantasy chalet, waiting / for a villain to arrive on the ski field.
Cross Purposes by Michael Coghlan (CC BY-SA)
ANNEXE: Poems from Filipino idiomsIvy Alvarez
5 poems from Filipino idioms—"How could I know what was coming? / A relief to look up and recognise nothing."