Louis Klee

Rivers I could hear their voices long before I knew what they meant (Wrong.)boiling glue in corridors, goose feathers disinterred from snowsomehow still as white as butter. Apart from this, everythingopened like the prospect of a good mood, fish eggs easyin the dark inundation. The wide berth is given. But is it? No, No, No,… Continue reading Louis Klee

Hao Guang Tse

W/ the aim of poisoning the pure minds of the youth John says history surprises us less                than us our                        selves wellsunflowers shock me most   most or best infacthere esp          ecially sosince the war against sentiment gave memy glass back                             thatbag of beaten goldin time would be found filled & so      leader     o please tell   that long title… Continue reading Hao Guang Tse

Ellen Morgan Butler

Supermarket 10pm The snack aisle strikes me as too peppy. AndI tripped on my own shoes trying to self-checkout too many apricots. Nina Simone on lowvolume’s really bumming me out. This year,I cried in your kitchen while you made crepes.I stole a tub of ricotta cheese. I was lateon purpose and I never did my… Continue reading Ellen Morgan Butler

Issue 11 / 2020

Brett Cross, Ellen Morgan Butler, Lisa Samuels, Murray Edmond, essa may ranapiri, Ruby Solly, Amy Leigh Wicks, Vanessa May Crofskey, Dave Drayton, Jake Goetz, Pascalle Burton, Michael Farrell, Judy Annear, Louis Klee, Claire Albrecht, Louis Armand, Toby Fitch, aj carruthers, Emily Stewart, Pam Brown