1. In all cases the work we covet will feel like it was done with intensity and commitment.
  2. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but no previously published work.
  3. We maintain a particular though non-exclusive commitment to poetry of the Pacific Region, while sea-levels still permit.
  4. All texts are published under a CC BY-NC 4.0 Creative Commons license.
  5. Read the guidelines for each particular segment below. We're mostly pretty relaxed.

Minarets (read)

  1. Our print journal is published (usually) once a year around August.
  2. Submissions are taken until (usually) May 1st.
  3. We try to have a different guest editor every time for variety.
  4. Send up to 5 poems in 1 attachment totalling no more than 10 pages.

Reading period closed for 2020 issue. Check back around September/October.

ANNEXE (read)

  1. Our online segment releases work (usually) every month, and accepts submissions year-round.
  2. We are especially interested in large-scale works such as: long poems, sequences, poetic research projects, dossiers, investigations, polemics, manifestos, ars poeticæ.
  3. Poems submitted to Minarets that we value but are unable to fit into our modest print journal may be given the opportunity to appear online instead.

Apocrypha (read)

  1. Essays, reviews, autopsies, and other strange non-fictions are accepted and published online year-round.
  2. Examinations of new poetry from the Pacific Region are especially welcome.
  3. We favour field reports that strive for vitality over any watertight academic formality.
  4. No uncritical puff-pieces or sheer marketing exercises.
  1. We'd particularly love responses to the titles below. We'll help you get a copy if you're keen:
    The Empty Show (Rabbit 2019) by Alice Allan
    Factory Girls (Action Books 2019) by Takako Arai
    Craven (VUP 2019) by Jane Arthur
    Moral Sloth (VUP 2019) by Nick Ascroft
    Remembering A Place I've Never Been (Cold Hub 2018) by Heather Bauchop
    The Intaglio Poems (Hesterglock 2017) by Iain Britton
    Neon Daze (VUP 2019) by Amy Brown
    Click here for what we do (Vagabond 2018) by Pam Brown
    Late Murrumbidgee Poems (Cordite 2020) by John Mukky Burke
    Book of Cord (Tinfish 2017) by Leona Chen
    DMZ Colony (Wave 2020) by Don Mee Choi
    Ashbery Mode (Tinfish 2019) by Michael Farrell
    Where Only the Sky had Hung Before (Vagabond 2019) by Toby Fitch
    Sydney Road Poems (Rabbit 2017) Carmine Frascarelli
    The Gang of One: Selected Poems (Grand Parade 2019) by Robert Harris
    Subtraction (Vagabond 2018) by Fiona Hile
    Birth Plan (Vagabond 2019) by LK Holt
    A Drink of Red Mirror (Action Books 2019) by Kim Hyesoon
    Amnesia Findings (UQP 2019) by Anna Jacobson
    Ask Me About the Future (UQP 2020) by Rebecca Jessen
    Poems: New & Selected (Isobar 2018) by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa
    The Hostage (Subbed In 2019) by Šime Knežević
    Mezzaluna: Selected Poems (AUP 2020) by Michelle Leggott
    Crow College: New and Selected Poems (Giramondo 2019) by Emma Lew
    Narrative Poem (Bloodaxe 2017) by Yang Lian
    CRAVE (Rabbit 2018) by Holly Friedlander Liddicot
    Labour and Other Poems (Cordite 2020) by Astrid Lorange
    On Lost Sheep (Tinfish 2017) by Shiro Murano
    Vital Possessions (Ethos 2018) by Marc Nair
    Heide (Giramondo 2019) by π.O.
    You Will Not Know In Advance What You'll Feel (Rabbit 2019) by Antonia Pont
    Iron Moon: An Anthology Of Chinese Worker Poetry (White Pine 2016) ed. Xiaoyu Qin & Eleanor Goodman
    parsetreeforestfire (Ethos 2019) by Hamid Roslan
    The Lost Arabs (UQP 2019) by Omar Sakr
    Kindred (Magabala 2019) by Kirli Saunders
    The Naming (Subbed In 2019) Aisya Shah Idil
    Witness in the Convex Mirror (Tinfish 2019) by Eileen R. Tabios
    The End of the World (Giramondo 2014) by Maria Takolander
    GAZE BACK (Ethos 2018) by Marylyn Tan
    Lay Studies (VUP 2019) by Steven Toussaint
    Entries (Cordite 2020) by Prithvi Varatharajan
    At This Distance (Cold Hub 2019) by Dunstan Ward
    wheeze (Subbed In 2019) by Marcus Whale
    Milk Teeth (UQP 2018) by Rae White
    Blakwork (Magabala 2018) by Alison Whittaker
    The Last Lyric (Tinfish 2017) by Yu Xinqiao
    Hysteria (Action Books 2019) by Kim Yideum
    Poetry Against All (Tarpaulin Sky 2020) by Johannes Göransson
    The Book of Baruch by the Gnostic Justin (Oxford 2019) by Geoffrey Hill
    Toxicon and Arachne (Nightboat 2020) by Joyelle McSweeney
    The Shore (Wave 2020) by Chris Nealon
    The Annunciation (Action Books 2019) by María Negroni
    The Book of the Dead (WVUP 2018) by Muriel Rukeyser

  3. If you would like your book reviewed, please post us a copy and we'll try find a reviewer:
    Compound Press
    8/145 Mount Eden Road
    Mount Eden
    Auckland, 1024
    New Zealand

Soundcloud (listen)

  1. Compound Press maintains a Soundcloud.
  2. Contributors to Minarets and ANNEXE may be invited to record their poems.
  3. We also accept submission of recorded poetry year-round.
  4. Poets are encouraged to augment their recordings with other sounds and/or production techniques.