Loretta Riach

A VAST QUANTITY OF EARTH I take the long way home and walk past the wall againIt is a very beautiful thing    see      the way it archesits back over the riseSighs     into the side of the hill       red dirt meeting itself           ↓ Here we are again               this time there is no wall to be seenJust        a hill              taller this timethe northerly catches… Continue reading Loretta Riach

Jonathan Chan

siput sedut or cerithidea obtusa stuck on mud deep at the sungei banks,sucking fresh filtrate, as and when therush flows through this pulau Semakau,growing from the memory of swamps, paddies,bending in nakedness at receding cover,crawling up the cavernous bark andleaping back into the mud, all thiscreeping to avoid the lost prying andforaging, watching the violenttonguing… Continue reading Jonathan Chan

Issue 13 / 2022

The 10th anniversary issue October 2022 Some 10 years ago, likely in the late summer of 2012, out the back of a Devonport house looking towards Takarunga Mount Victoria… One friend says to another that he’s thinking of starting a literary journal, just to see what it takes, not even sure how serious he is… Continue reading Issue 13 / 2022