Naomi Scully


JAN 31 2018


I want to write and essay

“Light the poem”—day three::

The cube is concentric volumes… And it speaks to Hallelujah. I will not give in. To the heart that speaks of sins. Beyond the paradise of product lines, we juxtapose a mother set of rhymes. Possible. A trace is made between the fields. A function of discrete appeal. My filter dreams are structured why? For pursuit of scenes and substance gone by. Old is new is old is new is old. What of the historic mode? It took sensations into pSst. Shhh… And Sang again, Hallelujah. It spoke to, Hallelujah. I dreamed of, Hallelujah. I do not see a different mode than one—a muse of protocol. A fisher of the past. Ancestors and their catch. Fellows and lasting men, From Church to the Violin. —For a Philip Glass Metamorphosis Opera.

               For WRITERS, it is the structure of the chord, the pencil frame.
The 3D printed element of the line.

My dust is a particle of a flower in a showcase of man being man in man’s most misunderstood zones. I looked at the struggle from the vantage of a paradox. The cycle of rebellion over time. I recall a prof speaking… One could argue, he went on, and I am paraphrasing, that if one might show a statistic of history with proof of human cycles. These cycles are coherent. We can break them by refusing to participate in rejection by generation. How though? Maybe by thinking about the where an argument comes from rather than debate alone.               Dialectic.
               DIA-eLECTRIC               Perspective.

Hip hop has elements because we program the schools. A place for placement.

I chose a mentor. He is no longer alive. JASON McCARTY.

We will study his work
Attach it to institutions
Publications will show.

Active. Integrated ites know——Integrate machine and labour. GROW.

We will make education protocol through living. Through

A team becomes an interlaced fraction of designated behaviour patterns by some interior guide. Identity. Wisdom. Flexed. A crew. I am these things. I am the considerate. I am the fluid. I am the one who basks in the needs of my subconscious desires and faces my humanness. It is not about the show. It is the showcase of long hard work and rigor. It is proof that with age we can have vitality being true to our inner goddess.

A culture cracked me into knowing beauty as a strength and not a tool or a weakness. It was a way to practice. I showcase skills by practicing so often that practice itself is a showcase.

I am in no hurry for a stage. I am in no hurry for an aptitude. But growth and change? A different method of struggle. Intelligence. A reading of temptation and daily discipline. It is my redemption. I learn slowly, thus fully. There is no better way.

HABIT: a habitat. Ales to rehab laws. Rehab. When did we go
               wrong? What scenario?
EPISODE CLEAR WATER: no money water.

p (Rho) :: [Sets]
R{Real number}
ROSE = der(rise) :: VERB
This title is a summational expression of light.
ρ is a symbol in math and physics that is spoken ‘roe’—rho.

Rose is a participle: it is the past particle of rise. TO RISE is, in this case, past tense.       PASS TENS.       A deep respect for, admiration of, and devotion to, the variety of what makes a community.

ROH RISE REAL SET of some eternal letter. Rise, to move up from a lower to higher position. To grow up. Get up. Stand up. Becoming buoyant. Increases in number, extent or size. Fish to the surface. Higher pitch. Success in not being limited or constrained by the environment. To be superior. To Rise. To restore LIFE. Of wind to blow more strongly. Of river to have its source.

Roe, in its origin, is used to describe the number or VALUE of 100. This is a number we all understand quite well. Phoenician letter reš looks like a flag. GLYPH is P, but is not the Latin letter P.
       Roe is also used in Greek as a liquid consonant and is paired often with LAMBDA, sometimes MU and NU. It has implications in morphology.

Roe is a voiceless punctuation.
Perhaps non-verbal. A dance. A glance.


Mass density, air density, charge density
Rho meson p+, p-, p^0
Generally a quantum state
Equation, reaction is constant,
A nature of substituents.
The benzene rings….


Radius of
Cylindrical and sphere coordinates a system
Correlation coefficient
Spectral radius
Matrix A
Denoted / notes
a p(A)
The plastic number


Sensitive interest
Price rate
The expected return
Discount rate
Future pence
Cash flows


Rho protein
Termination of RNA a synthesis
‘symbol U+03F1’
I do not look like a letter p.


The population
Damping ratio
Where does
p=lambda1/|(lambda2)| – absolute value ratio


LaTeX, rho is not defined by the default
Bag of Gold
—APL apple app writes a
Software language
Reinforced learning


A rate of change
A portfolio with respect
Interest rate gate


I represent Spearman’s rank
Correlation coefficient,
Spearman’s rhope
Don’t spear a man’s rope
Population parameter


Chi Rho is equal to Jesus

Rose. To cease to be submissive, obedient. To provoke. To find strength and respond adequately. A mohawk. Undergo construction of the foundation. To grow by yeast. To swell. Increase in quality and amount as in price.

To become louder.
To smile more.
To be wrong and admit it.


Of the sun, moon, or another celestial body as it would appear above the horizon.

WE rise.



By Naomi Scully

is a woman, crossing boundary lines. Love the exploration of concepts & ideas, the languages that express them. Celebrate art in the design of all things creative, mechanical, physical, metaphysical, found in sacred space & its interaction with our secular lives. Believe in these intersections of beauty & geometry. Make change and inspire.