More Than Love: A Review of Bound

Dalton Day

Dalton Day

“In the future (which isn’t too far off now, about fifty years or so, I’d guess), the scientists of the world will study love. Love will be the only science left to discover anything new about. The oceans, space, time, all things macro & micro, will have been measured & graphed, understood to the nth degree. But love will still mystify. Carolyn DeCarlo & Jackson Nieuwland are (will be?) two of those scientists.”

Ecstatic little ghost Dalton Day wrote an incredibly generous review of our chapbook Bound: An Ode to Falling in Love (Compound, 2015), collaboratively penned by Carolyn DeCarlo & Jackson Nieuwland.

Dalton gets it. He is charged with just the right level of giga-electron-volts to blast like an electron microscope to the heart of the core of the heart of the core of . . .

Read his writeup over at FANZINE, in case you needed any more convincing to buy a copy.