James Ganas

thuswise dire Terran philippy

You were how i want to be, last summer—
when it was four days from July
and you sat freezing.
The sun now (some time later)
is dappling on your back
through shading swaths of leaf.
The screaming of your coral dress recalls
the clamor of a day parade.
Too far now from May hail
to see you as I did then. But
be that as it may, hell
the freeze has just begun.






his eyes made the grass green.
the color of his iris released from the body,
transmutated, then replicated for miles
and miles across.

he only saw what he was, and
only had the ability to see
that which constituted him
from sea to seafoam sea.



By James Ganas

lives in Seattle, Washington, United States. You can view more of his work online at jamesganas.tumblr.com. He would like to thank you for your sustained attention.