Zack Anderson

Vapor Wake
shadow the steaming track
the wormy spoor
the hex print
the luminous index
data streaming from me
like a wedding dress
a mantle, a mantis
a veil
oh vapor wake
I doze in your trace
shimmer in your haze
lean into your membrane
call into a room
locate the voice
it is mine
and it is not mine
meme god
speech particle
vapor wake
I break like a flock
I cleave in three directions
I refract and scatter
I spread the remains
across the garden floor
yes these are hills
filmy with light
yes these are meadows
doubly exposed
this is the organ
stinging with seeds
this is my data
holy and retinal
this is the integer
regressing infinitely
batter my heart
you condensate god
plutonian transit
tomb me in fertilizer
slumber in vapor
light my fuse of rot



By Zack Anderson

holds an MFA from the University of Notre Dame, where he worked for Action Books, & an MA from the University of Wyoming.  He teaches English in Denver, Colorado and writes for American Microreviews & Interviews.