Victor Billot

The Hierarchy
Invisible homeless
The dead
Care worker
Solo mother (bad suburb)
Loan shark
Bottom feeder
Casual employee
PhD in Fine Arts
Experimental rodent
Serf (creative industries)
Mid-career journalist
Ten years to go and holding on desperately
“Between jobs”
Climate scientist
Aspirational 30-something National voter
Embittered bureaucrat
Petty officer
Solo mother (good suburb)
Will never afford a house but still think they have a chance
Dull but stable
Chief Executive of twelve people
Tobacco lobbyist
Bishop (Destiny Church)
Interior designer
“P” dealer
Change management consultant
Grand Poobah
Dairy farmer, backbone of the nation
All Black
Admiral of the Whole Damn Fleet
Been on Married at First Sight
Ex Merrill Lynch currency manipulators



By Victor Billot

is a writer from Dunedin, New Zealand. He has published three collections of poetry, the most recent being Ambient Terror (2017), & is a member of the Alpha Plan. He works for Otago University Press.