Stacey Teague



last night’s insomnia
is your ‘good morning’

next to that photo on photobooth
is a picture of you and i
with the ‘twirl’ effect


there are moments of lucidity / underneath blankets
i don’t care about anything else
the spaces between bodies is a body itself


discussing nicki minaj’s a$$


burying my face into your neck / there is no one and nothing
outside of you and me / and this bed


beneath a tree in regents park when my legs give way
i fall to the ground
you look down at me and laugh


this is how i feel: soft rain / calm love
thinking about how the rain reminds me of you / you remind me of the rain
you are like the silences between songs when you realize it is raining outside


standing on the steps of the british museum and the sun is out i am always happy when the sun is out i say and when you kiss me i pull at your coat trying to get closer to you than i know is physically possible up on my tip toes your menthol mouth and i don’t mind at all



By Stacey Teague

(Chalford, Gloucestershire, UK) is originally from Auckland, NZ, but currently resides in England. Can be found online here: