Ross Brighton

excerpts from Birds

a nervous disposition
birds of television

low action poised
naught attrition
the bounds                              (cloaked)

generally dark

a priest
an action movement
rocks side

a region of me

sunning whistle
(little)       radiance
globe       set              far

a rebel of late

bride brought into the open and taught
the son of the polite season

quite difficult to ignore the ventriloquists
seen from distance

to err

till earth to


palace       boulder              groan
fell tower falter              (groat)

greet loam
flow antenna
err   as   if in                     (dream)

oft timothy
to clover gloam


quilt while

rushes need
red bright incessant
faced       the dress heart
on this language

will wear you for all the good you have done

family semi-captive

secondaries of muticus
latter has a duller territorial
primary colour of parts
Along their attire

glance across       glist

minister me
wednesday agreement
known for use of the

and named for it
fear thrown across
stark       scatter     stutter

shrink dark

voice       calling     caul

beam       break       beaker

“webs’” for fishing trains

will move destruction to contrast

night              whorl              ripple

slow picture

hame influence
of these has
become a then
warm many
training national
june theodore theodore



On Friday 22nd March 2013, Chris Holdaway recorded Ross Brighton reading <i>Birds</i> in its entirety, at his home in Auckland.

By Ross Brighton

(Auckland, NZ) is the author of beck: nothing, can be done (PS Malmö, Sweden, 2013), Lullaby for David Mitchell (Forthcoming from Electio Editions, Australia), Temporal Maze Denture (above/ground press, Canada, 2011), A Draft from Birds (&then&then, NZ, 2010), and A Pelt a Shrub a Soil Sample (Neoismist Press, NZ, 2009). His work has appeared in numerous journals, including Turbine, Brief (NZ), Meat Confetti, Reconfigurations, Action Yes (all US), Bad Robot (UK), Dusie (Switzerland), and Cruce (Puerto Rico). He is former reviews editor for the US journal Tarpaulin Sky, and completed a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Auckland (2011).