Lynley Edmeades


Here, in fenceless New Zealand
Sunday’s are for mowing lawns, long
walks to the cafe for breakfast, brunch,
where tea-strainers have been replaced
by espresso machines and coffee judged
by its topographical traceability.
Retirees talk about climate change
like it’s a memo on the fridge door.
About e-books, they say things like:
you’ve got to think about the pollution
and you don’t even need to turn on the light.



By Lynley Edmeades

is currently based in Dunedin, where she is working on a postgraduate thesis on the poetics of John Cage at the University of Otago. In 2011 she attained an MA with Distinction from the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has published poetry and essays in New Zealand, Ireland and the UK, and her poetry was recently shortlisted for the 2012 Bridport Poetry Prize (UK).