Freya Daly Sadgrove

       what will you give up for closeness honey bun

       you can get anyone onside     with enough booze
and ruthless gentleness            people are gagging
for a little kindness            people will kill for sympathy
       these are the seasons of mists baby
and I’m in business       I’m a life coach
       now let’s get drunk among your family       compose
six texts    to your gap-filler crush
and send them off in a volley of triumph    from under
the dinner table

       pay for me!!!! pay for my soul
       I’m long-lasting       god I’m so durable
       I’m honestly stronger than you know
       I’m like the condom with chemicals in
so you can fuck for ages       but never come

       I’m in a nurse uniform       a sexy nurse uniform
with a chart on a clipboard
       let’s work out how much hate you can take
and make sure you take the hate on a daily basis
in big wet dollops on your ragged heart
       ooh       are you sad
why don’t you go write a poem about it

       I can tell you’re very proud to know    that no girl
has ever owned you
       you are your own man       such a fine young man
I have therefore prepared for you a certificate
       I know how you like certificates baby       yeah
you like that marbled cardstock don’t you             say it
       look I…..photocopied my signature especially

       ah come on     just tell me you love me the most
out of every single person my age oh my god       I just
wanna be all    tell me a secret
so you’ll tell me something fake
for the sake of having something to say       haha       mystery
doesn’t even come into it

       hey write me a poem but make it
the kind you’ll get embarrassed about in exactly four years
       four years is how long it takes the empathy you have
for yourself    to deteriorate             yeah and I want
exactly that much       um discomfort

       twenty-somethings are just deformed teenagers
with rent to pay
       old people aren’t wise they’re just
sad they’re gonna die soon
       I’m a guru and I want free money
       if I were a boy I would cry at a different bus stop every day



By Freya Daly Sadgrove

is a writer & performer in Aotearoa. She has an MA in poetry from the IIML, & her work has appeared in various publications including Sweet MammalianScum, Shabby Doll House, & The Spinoff.