Eden Bradfield

kathleen is thinking of moving
when i was in gore it was sunny says

kathleen considering moving

there’s a good art gallery there

i could go home, all my cousins

say: family

it’s harder moving when you’re older kathleen says

her hair is cut a little shorter

she calls it ‘the web’



now i am cleaning up

my soap business is thriving

i sold four cakes of soap an

older woman asked me

(her hair like baking powder)

Do you do liquid soap it’s better for my

skin Now i am cleaning up

i said

It’s better that way and I

put my hand reassuringly on her shoulder



there is a sign at a shop in town which reads

“sorry, i’m not a millionaire,

all breakage must be paid for”

below dreamcatchers and above cat ceramics and i read it every day

when i walk home at night at night

there is not a lot going on the owner of the shop is called paula.

what if one day paula was a millionaire would the sign read: “hooray i am now a millionaire, all breakage is OK”

or “i am a millionaire, but please keep breakage to a minimum

it makes me sad and

i forgot where i put the brush and shovel”



By Eden Bradfield

is a New Zealand poet, chef, & musician based in Oamaru in the South Island, Te Waipounamu.