Diane Marie

I am like your body in the sea (for tennyson)

let me calm your tongue, love, in the
shallows of god’s west
as once (when the demands of your clothes
and the salt of mountains behind your lips,
were mine to press against)
                                                  i did
i cannot rest
i have seen cities of
other handsome boys breathing
that loved me
safe and slow
and are not you
, made hard by dark seas
(or an idle yearning
embedded therein,
which fear and old age and many voices,
not here, but under blameless stars,
and alive,
moved you
) moved,
to brave, emotional girls
to brave emotion
to girls
and i miss you
, oh God
                you are a quiet moon
dancing in the gentle swell of summer evenings,
wherethrough mourning hands travel
as though to dim grey silence
and believe it or not
i still consider slow and steady winters
where water and thunder played
above the bed we once shared
, will share again
put your weight behind me
come fast (and
for i am old underneath
and i am water underneath
and i need you underneath
when i move



By Diane Marie

(London, UK) is a UK poet and music producer.