Carolyn DeCarlo & Jackson Nieuwland

Macaroni Cheese

Well I was going to read the instructions
but it turns out we have a slow Mac
and also I don’t like to talk too much
so sometimes I just go to the supermarket
and walk around until I find
something that I want to eat
but most of the time I just said I’m a liar
because that’s what people do in supermarket
and sometimes I don’t eat anything at all
or someone give me free wine
but sometimes I just buy some cheese.
Foot Krutch in around in a bowl of macaroni cheese
wearing your shoes on 142 shoes on one.
What was he thinking?
What is the walk with a limp like that?
Because he’s too tall for his own
he is looking to spend
crawling along the ground like a little mouse
that may of just got a hole in my sock.
Well well well well what crepe my speakers
I was going to say well covered chocolate covered dot dot dot
a little boys as much more interesting things to say.
Guy was like I’ll buy dog is the dog bed to Barlow
but the Bulldog knows nothing like a bowl of big bowl full of s***
which um excuse me that is not what he said at all
and sometimes you need to be a bit more um listening
with your skills in your ears
because sometimes we’re saying things that are funny on their own
and we don’t appreciate being called a barlow pair or dog on a leash
and then we have to go to Florida
and sometimes you really want to be weird with the Wind
pretty weird
but we would be like a robot talking in W Philly.
Good oh my god I crunched the macaroni cheese again
so don’t you dare repeat that I know it back already saved.
Wow this is quite a doctor.
They don’t know what to say just just say things
that are in the back of my mind that I didn’t even know I had
like that or sometimes I’m too busy trying to get my pee out from under the covers
so I can’t talk about something more interesting like my next fall
and then I know what you’re going to do
manly a lying in bed in your
does too long to hard dick in a box of bed.
I will be right thank you ok
and then that’s the end that’s not the end.



Love you like a hot summer’s day in the building in Melrose, MA.

Moving on to our next story,
tonight on foot I’ll like a giant Jumanji crab.
How was trying to think of something
but didn’t read our way down the street light
because I had no idea.

I’m just being myself in this cold.
But there are those like,
Well I’m tired, so I’ll just stay here busy.
Or should I chase, saying
my nice warm blue book by beautiful red?

I want to experience your tonsils.
I just want to express
how much I love you with my pain.
What is a gun?
Is that my Bold? Is all of my organs?

Inbetweeners in the building
dial live mad pastor calls.
Toddler little piggy song
nice day nude in love.

When you thought you get a couch
glad you didn’t get my cat.
Only, get your cat all warm and fluffy.
I don’t know what causes axe but that.
I don’t know why I’m saying either.
Pretty good stuff in the good
good babe. It could have been worse, you know?



By Carolyn DeCarlo

is a queer writer living in Aro Valley, Te Whanganui-a-Tara, with seven other mammals. She runs Food Court Books and We Are Babies Press with her partner Jackson Nieuwland. Her chapbook-length collection ‘Winter Swimmers’ was featured in AUP New Poets 5. She also co-wrote the chapbook BOUND: an ode to falling in love (Compound Press 2014).