Hyperventilating on the threshold of it-hood Hyperventilating on the threshold of it-hood, almost toppling /over/whelming odds crash down, a palace of /card/inal robins flash through her thoughts, pinpricks of red/nosed reindeer prance in shop /(W)indows/8 looms on the tech horizon, full of prom-/(Mrs.)/ Higgin’s Cookies comfort only the way sugar /can/nonballs of logic demolish your meta-/(f)or/bidden boundaries are trespassed /the fastest/ fish in the world is the Indo-Pacific sailfish at speeds in excess of 110 km/h over short /periods/ indicate a complete pause at /(“the end” )/ floats across the screen in a gothic type-/face/off against your /fears/ that the“Ya-Wen Ho”

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