Murray Edmond

CAMPING IN THE EXISTENTIAL FORREST L’homme y passe à travers des forêts de symbols Qui l’observent avecs des regards familiers —Baudelaire, ‘Correspondances’ I  The bourgeois cuts the  forest to an inch of its life.  “How come you don’t fall?” II  Empty bottle. Think  of Baudelaire camped in his  symbolic forest. III  Someone coming in  gumboots. Tramp tramp tramp. Beat  of own tell-tale heart. IV  The forest watches.  Watch out! Wrong way! So the  forest has its way. V  Forest’s colour is  fish. It smells of dancing. Tastes  pink. Sounds hand. Feels shoe. VI  Through the forest: monk  on donkey, hitch-hiker“Murray Edmond”

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