(pressure’s on)

Sea foam on the shore with neurons in the sky

(pressure’s on)

six mini double sonnets
memory seafoam
a big surprise
lose balance
rug burn
mirror crash
car engine runs
aircon on
soft pat cheeks
emit fuel price
double click
to hide white space
pandorea pandorana
caterpillar poo
looks like
pepper corns
breezes neglect
breasts sweat
brain dulls
crab spanners
hitch a socket
cast a rampart
heaven’s footpath
paved rare earth
out of sorts
famously venal
& gay       like
corona & lemon


memory seafoam
best for mettle
bring your device
pressure’s on
under what influence
samuel taylor coleridge
unremarkable couplet
typical hypertext
xanadu pleasure dome
neat piles of books
a certain naivety
what do stars
smell like
playing it cool
bus to beach
antenna birds
dart & flit
let’s forget
tremendous pain
take your time
bizarre love triangle
is not vanishing
a privileged life
saving daylight
a hank of beads
czech cut glass
shiny facets


memory seafoam
so much so
thematic arrangement
model distance
middle distance
no criterion
of correctness
never forget
english spinach
meltdown garlic
not making sense
critiquing backwards
nostalgic block
stall the engine
computer program
double em ee
didn’t mean
anything by it
cybernetic powers
out-do freedom
organised crims
patrol the nurseries
there are transitions
you might imagine
mutable music
whistles through
& now we know


memory seafoam
flap out of trees
mithu’s restaurant
calls for oxygen
time & continuity
results inestimable
drawing a duck
on the georges river
someone’s saying
something to someone
can thinking work
nothing connects
sludgy ponds
government funded
six twenty eights
equals one hundred
& sixty eight
enter horror room
through absurd room
end up at
disintegration room
art transcends knife
makes a point
no solutions
sharing leftovers
end of side A


memory seafoam
hidden expectations
keen accomplice
no provocation
exercise yard
ecco runners
pressure’s on
straight to go
break & enter
wowser windows
petit bourgeois
sounds pretentious
grand bourgeois
vin rouge to you
you’re up yourself
imagine people
who could only
think aloud
grasp a principle
plant some daisies
soothe a nerve
eat a pikelet
triumph tinged
with poignant emotion
add syrup
persuasive tears
let’s not beat
about the bush


memory seafoam
cancel sense
cancel sentences
moral zealot
pot au feu
wording stew
public language
fuck what canon
academic lit
explain shadows
make a sign
then describe it
tie a rock
round your block
& go jump
in the lake
(love is
in the air)
done australian
none australian
nano australian
seen to be believed
so schmormal
straight line
single file
rules me out
but stood me
in good stead




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By Pam Brown

has been writing, collaborating, editing & publishing in diverse modes both locally & internationally for decades now. Her most recent books are Missing up (2015) & Click here for what we do (2018) both published by Vagabond Press. She lives in Sydney on Gadigal land.