H.D. Imagiste watches the birth of the new woman on tv – Ellen Morgan Butler

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H.D. Imagiste watches the birth of the new woman on tv


venus’s seashell
This is my ambered sarcasm.
This is my garden’s rough
cut blossom my
bitter jewel with veins of pearl
and the hard-edge glow of the
indigestible. Watch how I cut
ironies       out of distance and
intimacy just by looking
out obliquely or reciting these
perplexing endearments from
just out of reach.
This is my wayward angularity:


Follow the line of questioning
like lines of thigh and wrist on
other painted bodies: soft
curving into this
tranquil smile, unlike any other offering.
A calm wind blowing.
The accidental nature of my transgression
the seashell produced a swallow-able


house of venus
Lean against me, smooth as oil
hard uncertain skin of the
hyperreal       conjuring
mimicries and even subtler
the comic and the tragic
like sympathetic magic.
Like              longing
for this plastic touch. Listen: I am
the pearly link between what’s in
and out of reach.


Hard shell
vain              of vein
Can my careful tragic face unravel
try so
hard to catch my
painted gaze
diffuse on all these
humid sighs


stella maris

Again. It’s time to look up.
Look up: I am the beautiful
stranger who              kissed you.
You are the one who lay
on the bank making
clouds into shapes. You said,
Perhaps we too will saturate til
we’re whole again.
I said swim.



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By Ellen Morgan Butler

is originally from Nashville, Tennessee, and has been living and writing in Wellington since 2017. You can read more of her poetry and short fiction in Takahē, Mayhem, Turbine│Kapohau, and elsewhere.