Anna Crews


Joe Rogan’s words before the Rousey and Miesha Cupcake fight 2:

Two beautiful women
Who hate each other
Who happen to be two of the best fighters in the world
This is a fight
When Joe Rogan has a female guest on the podcast, it’s all restored

Feels as good as a splash of nice perfume on my wrist

Missing the aggressive atmosphere of the UFC Fight 210

Fortunately, UFC Fight 211 is on May 14 (next Saturday). I’ll watch it at Crown Casino’s Lagerfield Bar, as I did last time

I like to feel the aggression and testosterone in the bar, you can seriously sense it, I am embarrassed to admit it. I like to feel own boyfriend calm and with a hand on my leg as he sits beside me looking at the fight. The couches are big enough for a big man and small woman, and many couples with girlfriends 5 feet or shorters sat there. But not big enough for a couple where we are both 5’11” – ish

I can sense and wish to pursue a future for myself in the UFC franchise—as a member of their media coverage or commentary team. I don’t know if I should be ashamed of that?
no way I should not be ashamed. There really does seem to be a place for me there.



By Anna Crews

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