Angela Shier

excerpts from I don’t know what people do in their houses

i stopped hanging out with you
and went home early tonight

i needed to lay in bed for hours
while watching gilmore girls

it is important that i do this


it is 5:00am
i am on the way home

ive spotted a man bicycling
he’s wearing a light up christmas
wreath on his head as a helmet

‘Island In The Sun’ by Weezer


I accidentally left ‘california girls’
by katy perry and snoop dog on.
it is playing very loudly.
i am climbing through this 2nd story bathroom
it is very likely
that i will fall off of this ledge tonight and die
please play ‘california girls’ at my funeral


i am dying somewhere
and my blood is everywhere
please bring me pancakes
my blood is maple syrup


there might be a storm outside
at first i thought the sounds were
coming from my neighbors
probably is a storm
i know this because it is raining quite hard
and it is thundering i think
in the morning 6 years ago
i went to their yard
i saw a coyote there
i got scared and ran away from it
later i went back out
the coyote had turned into a thing in the grass
moving closer i noticed
the thing wasn’t a thing
it was a cat
and it was dead
my mom gave me a ride to school



By Angela Shier

is from Seattle, Washington. Angela Shier was born in 1993 and is studying Anthropology, Communications, and French at university. Angela Shier loves cats and the internet. You can find her here: @angelashier &