Alex Taylor

rusty mechanics

you want to unsettle
the score. mislead
from the front. erase the
alarm. undo your
duty. invoice your
opinion. discharge
your glass. mistake one
for the team.

you’re getting unmixed
messages. inverse
psychology. conviction




the news is puppies and sex offenders
mum says there’s some sick people out
there aren’t there i don’t say anything
i’m watching the next story about fishing
quotas and then baby monitors.

some say that’s only part of the problem
the rest is an internet security expert
filling up the screen with malware; “he’s
pretty loud, and of course extremely
good looking.”

of course a royal baby is not
complete without adoring fans
waving homemade plackards only
three hundred egyptians are dead



By Alex Taylor

is a New Zealand composer and poet.