Please note, submissions to the print journal are currently closed while we work on a special issue. At this time, any submissions will only be considered for online publication.


Minarets publishes a printed journal twice annually; when each issue is printed, the previous issue is released online for free. Each issue typically includes a substantial portfolio by 1 poet, smaller selections by several other poets, & a piece of prose.

There are no limits on style or content, which is to say we prize views into the wilderness, & covet anything that feels like it was done with sufficient intensity/commitment. Send us something out there enough to make even you think: “haha fuck there’s no way anyone will ever publish this…”

Additional online content is published year-round; all submissions (but particularly prose) are considered for both platforms. We publish under a CC BY-NC 4.0 Creative Commons license, & also maintain a particular though non-exclusive commitment to poetry of the Pacific Region, while sea-levels still permit.

Poetry: up to 5 poems totalling no more than 10 pages;
Prose: 1 essay/review/story up to 5,000 words;
Hybrid: up to 10 pages of non-genre-binary work;
Art: 3–5 pieces that will reproduce well in monochrome.

Email: minarets [at] compoundpress [dot] org
Subject: [Name], [Genre], [Title(s)] Format: PDF, DOC, RTF, ODT, TXT (anything except in email body)