Elizabeth Welsh

Before, this

(or researching lino before making prints)

lino is flooring material
lino is an assistant referee in football
lino lakes is in Anoka county
lino was a character in Mamma Roma
lino was an Italian actor who starred in French movies
lino was a Venezuelan musician in the Wars of Independence

lino is/was patience, finding one’s gr-greats


After, this

(or practising over and over again)

right lung
right lung
right lung

her lung and lino-print was five cm shorter
than the left/yesterday

it was still time to print/right/print


Owning a linoprint/banana passion-fruit

Noon-searches for banana passion-fruit seeds
to regrow the neighbour’s combed vine.

She made lino-print study after study.
There was nothing ethical in it.

Owning seemed so slight a word,
full of full of full of fullness overflow:

barrow bellow billow burrow callow
fallow fellow furrow gallow hallow



Elizabeth Welsh (NZ/UK) is an editor and poet based in South London.